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During these times we are required to have a reduced capacity for the store.  We have one limit for the store front and the reading rooms are a separate capacity. As such the rules for readings are as follows:

When you arrive for your reading, and the store is at capacity, please let our front door staff know that you are here for a reading appointment.  You will be then escorted to the front to pay and then escorted to the reading room for your appointment.

When your appointment is complete, and if we are at our maximum in store capacity, you will be required to wait outside in line for your chance to come into the store to shop.  If we are not at capacity then you are free to shop.

These are not ideal circumstances but under our covid 19 restrictions it is the best we are able to do at this time and still be able to offer readings for our clients.

If the city bylaws shows up and we are over our store capacity for customers, we could face a potential shut down.

Please be kind to our staff with the enforcement of these rules.