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Channeled Messages by Erika


Tuesday May 7th, 2019

Channeled by Erika in connection to the Merkaba

✨“In all creation with the Universe We are Who we are. In creation with the Energies we manifest that is all Good in this universal laws making us feel loved and appreciated in every way. We are the seeds of life to create metamorphosis in our lives, to understand our path of the soul and manifesting it’s purpose in this lifetime. We are the Ones who create this New Beginning on this Planet Now to Become who we are meant to be. See the Truth inside your soul, reconnect with the Truth within in Divine Love’s energy. We are meant to be here this time of changes, contributing to one another by helping to see the truth that come forward from above. We are who we are, there is nothing like Us, God’s creation with the light within Us. Use the Star of Eden, create your life within its own magic, live the life you are meant to live for eternities to come.” ✨

 End of channeled message from the Collective of Consciousness.

Erika Sebestyen through the Wisdom of the Light 



Thursday January 17th, 2019

I trust the Divine Light to teach me everything that I need to know and do now✨🔆   

💌”We are magnificent beings of the light that manifests in us, creates our reality as we please to move on towards our future. We create our reality with our actions, thoughts and feelings for ourselves. We are the one in control of our emotions, actions and thoughts to be manifested into reality. We help you with all that, the decision is yours to take. We are one with the Universe that creates our reality; think wisely Child of God, watch what you co-create with God. Let it be joy and happiness or suffering..... we create all of that inside of us. Learn the process of joy and the gates of  Heaven opens up for You



Fire Opal Channeled Message December 20th 2018

Heart Chakra Message December 21st 2018

Channeled message from the Heart 💚 Chakra 💗💌 “I am your Heart Chakra. I am bright green light filled with unconditional love for you. I am within you to navigate your soul’s purpose in life to great joy and happiness. My love is for you that shines upon others with great openness and magical feelings. I am here to help you balance your emotions with your thoughts that create our reality on Earth. I am here to help you my friend to give you unconditional love to fulfill your presence with great joy and Divine Love. “ 💌 We can balance our heart chakra by releasing at that does not serve us anymore and breath love back in. Eat green 🍵 foods, wear green clothes 🤾‍♀️ and infuse your heart center with emerald green and pink light from heavens. Bless your soul and thank yourself for being true to yourself and to others. Sending you, love, light and peace 💖