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Rainbow Moonstone Chips 30g Approximate

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A bag of rainbow moonstone chips is a captivating collection of iridescent gemstones, each shimmering with a subtle play of colors that evoke the beauty of a moonlit night. These exquisite chips are renowned for their deeply spiritual properties, making them a cherished tool for those seeking to enhance their spiritual journey. 


Rainbow moonstone is celebrated for its ability to provide emotional balance and stability, gently guiding the user through times of change and helping to ease emotional stress. It is known to enhance intuition and promote psychic abilities, allowing one to connect more deeply with their inner wisdom and the rhythms of the natural world.

These chips also encourage introspection and self-discovery, revealing hidden truths and fostering personal growth. Rainbow moonstone is often associated with the divine feminine, making it a powerful ally in embracing one's inner goddess and nurturing qualities such as compassion, empathy, and patience. Additionally, this stone is believed to bring joy and optimism, dispelling negative energy and encouraging a positive outlook on life. 

Whether used in meditation, carried for personal empowerment, or simply admired for their ethereal beauty, a bag of rainbow moonstone chips is a magical and uplifting addition to any spiritual practice.

All rocks will vary by size, colour, clarity. This is the natural form of these products. Occasionally stones will also have fault lines, being a natural substance, these are part of the beauty of the product. Rocks will vary in size. The photos shown are a representation of the type of rock but may not represent the actual piece being sold. Cost is per piece.