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Pendant Amazonite Rough

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Introducing the rough Amazonite pendant, a stunning piece that captures the soothing hues of the earth and sky in its raw, natural form. This pendant is not only a beautiful accessory but also a powerful spiritual tool with multifaceted benefits. Amazonite is revered for its ability to filter geopathic stress and manage the flow of information to the brain, providing a calming effect on both the mind and the nervous system. It is particularly effective in absorbing harmful microwaves and cell phone emissions, offering protection against electromagnetic pollution.


This remarkable stone balances male and female energies, promoting harmony and helping you to see both sides of any problem. Amazonite is a powerful ally in soothing emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, and dispelling negative energy and aggravation. It assists in manifesting universal love, opening the heart and throat chakras, and enhancing intuition through the third eye chakra. Wearing this rough Amazonite pendant not only offers a unique, earthy aesthetic but also imbues you with a sense of peace, balance, and protective energy, making it an indispensable accessory for emotional and spiritual well-being.

All rocks will vary by size, colour, clarity. This is the natural form of these products. Occasionally stones will also have fault lines, being a natural substance, these are part of the beauty of the product. Rocks will vary in size. The photos shown are a representation of the type of rock but may not represent the actual piece being sold. Cost is per piece.