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Magic Cauldron Candle Sandalwood

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Promote inner calm with this 3-inch cast iron cauldron filled with earthy sandalwood wax. As the lead-free wick burns, sandalwood fragrance is released into the air to create a centering ambiance. With a 12-hour burn time, this mini cauldron candle is perfect for relaxation, rituals, or focused meditation. The reusable cast iron holder makes a charming container to reuse once the candle is finished. 


With its rich, woody aroma, sandalwood calms body and spirit. Used for centuries in incense and oils, its earthy scent promotes inner peace and aids contemplation. Believed to open the highest chakras, sandalwood aligns us with divine energy. Its soothing fragrance reminds us of nature’s wisdom, while creating a comforting atmosphere for meditation, prayer, or stillness. Sandalwood brings tranquility, focus, and gentle healing.