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We will be closed on Monday July 1st for Canada Day.

Chrysoprase Polished 4g Approximate

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Envision holding a polished piece of chrysoprase in your hand, its smooth surface gleaming with vibrant green hues that evoke the lushness of nature itself. This exquisite gemstone, with its serene beauty and gentle energy, is more than just a stone; it is a powerful tool for spiritual healing and transformation. Chrysoprase is known as the stone of divine truth and prosperity, resonating deeply with the heart chakra to promote emotional healing, self-love, and compassion. 


As you hold this polished piece of chrysoprase, you are enveloped in a sense of peace and tranquility, as if you are being cradled in the loving embrace of Mother Earth herself. Chrysoprase is believed to cleanse and purify the energetic body, releasing negative emotions and promoting a sense of balance and harmony. It is also said to attract abundance and prosperity into your life, helping you to manifest your deepest desires and live your most authentic life. 

Embrace the transformative energy of polished chrysoprase and allow its spiritual meaning to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth.

All rocks will vary by size, colour, clarity. This is the natural form of these products. Occasionally stones will also have fault lines, being a natural substance, these are part of the beauty of the product. Rocks will vary in size. The photos shown are a representation of the type of rock but may not represent the actual piece being sold. Cost is per piece.