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What type of reading should I get? Psychic or Mediumship

What type of reading should I get? Psychic or Mediumship

What type of reading should I get?  Psychic, or Mediumship?


For many people, getting a psychic or mediumship reading is a special event that brings forward positive messages, guidance and possible insight to future events.  However, for those who are unfamiliar with readings, it may be hard to know what type of reading you need, based on what you want to achieve or gain from a reading.


What is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings are typically intended for the reader to connect with YOUR personal energy to give you messages, insight or guidance surrounding things going on in YOUR life.  For example, you may have questions about YOUR:  romantic relationship, family matters, finances, career path, spiritual development or specific questions that pertain to events happening in your life.   These are all topics that pertain to you, or your involvement in particular events.   You may wish to know “what will happen if…”, or “How do I deal with…” questions.  Some people may not know what they want to focus on at all, but want to know what “comes through” for them. 

Many times certain “tools” will be incorporated into a psychic reading, in order to obtain further detail, or additional messages.  Some of the most popular tools you will likely see are: Tarot Cards, pendulum dowsing, crystals, tea leaves or Oracle Cards.   These can all be a fun and exciting way for you to connect to the messages, and expand on the details you wish to know.    

In a psychic reading, many sources can be used to obtain guidance and messages.  A psychic will likely use their own intuitive skills to provide you messages, however they may also receive messages from other sources.  Some of these trusted sources could be:  Angels, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit animals, collective consciousness or Mother Earth.  Regardless of the source, a psychic will connect to the best possible source for your loving messages.


What is a Mediumship Reading?

Mediumship readings can be quite different from psychic readings.  Many times when a loved one has passed we feel sadness, loss, or longing to re-connect with THEM.  In certain circumstances, you may also feel like there were things left “unsaid” or healing that needed to take place between you, that was not possible (for whatever reason) prior to their passing.  You simply may just want to know if THEY are “okay”.  A mediumship reading is specifically for you to connect with your loved ones in heaven, to bridge any communication gaps, release guilt, or say things that needed to be said, or simply for healing.  Many times mediumship readings can be transformational, and allows others to heal from grief, trauma or emotional pain that occurred between these souls.

In order to conduct a mediumship reading, the medium will go directly to your loved ones in heaven to bridge the messages between you two.  They are the best source for these messages, because they were the person directly involved in these issues with you.  For example: if you always felt unloved by your Mother, the best healing message of “I love you, and I regret how I treated you” should come from your Mother personally.  Mediumship combines the messages you need from your loved one, with the factual evidence that shows it is TRULY them speaking to you, from above.   Something important to know however, is that the medium does not control or choose which Spirit will come through, or what they will say.  A medium can ask for certain details, but due to law of free will no medium can force communication with spirits.  You should also know that the information a loved one offers may not be what you expected, or what you asked for.  Since they are their own being with their own opinion, they may only tell you what they think you need, rather than what you are asking for.  However a good medium will do their best to help bridge the gaps, and get the best possible guidance from your loved ones.


What YOU need, determines the type of reading you should get.

We all have loved ones in Heaven and certainly almost all of us would love to receive messages from them.   However, a Mediumship reading will benefit you the most if you are still hurting from the loss of your loved one, feel lack due to their departure, or if there were words that still need to be said between you.  Since these types of messages could only be answered from the person who passed, a MEDIUMSHIIP reading will help connect you with your loved ones in heaven, to bridge those communication gaps between you.  

If you are looking for guidance surrounding particular events or decisions in your life, and your path, then a PSYCHIC reading is more what you are looking for.  Why?  We want pure, loving guidance in your highest good for these items, from the BEST possible source, whether that best source is your loved one, other divine sources or both.  Although there are differences between a psychic reading and mediumship reading, rest assured that both are connecting to a higher source to receive messages in your best good. 


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