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What is channeling by Erika

What is channeling by Erika

Based on my spirit guides’ information, channeling is about connecting to your Divine Truth in you. Magnificent beings of the Light are here to help you answer your questions based on your interest in your Heart and knowledge. Divinely constructed answers to lead you on your path of happiness. Using your God given sixth senses enables you to have a conversation with whoever you wish to have.

By using spiritual laws and sixth sense anyone is able to channel messages from the divine. It takes time, patience and practice. Once the energy link is made between spirits (human and non-physical living or pet) there is an open non-verbal communication flow through your words, sentences, feelings and pictures. 

You can have a conversation with your higher self, guardian angels, archangel, spirit guides, pets, ascended masters, deities etc. Channeling can be written down on a paper as automatic writing or speaking it. Through channeling we can learn about the secrets of the Universal Laws, our own souls needs and desires, get guidance from our spirit team on any topic, receive love and motivation to move us forward with our desires or use channeling for anything that is for your or (with permission from the person) someone's highest greatest good. 

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