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What is a Twin Flame? by Hanah

What is a Twin Flame? by Hanah

What is a Twin Flame,

Imagine meeting your perfect half; one who shares half your soul.  The person in whose eyes you find home, who is a perfect reflection of you, whose strengths are your weaknesses and someone who is your counterpart.

This special person comes into your life and it’s as if a sudden lightening bolt hits your soul.  The world suddenly seems so much more brighter, as your soul has an awakening.  Things begin to taste, smell and feel better. Your heart is uplifted, and your dreams suddenly seem out of reach and are now within reach.

With your Twin Soul by your side, you feel a sudden rush and energy that you never felt before and feel powerful knowing that you can do anything. Your soul has a knowing within every cell of your being that you have found The One as your heart explodes with a love you didn’t know was ever possible.

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