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The Power and Benefits of healing Crystals by Ashley

The Power and Benefits of healing Crystals by Ashley

The Power and Benefits of Healing Crystals

What are healing crystals?

To put it simply, healing crystals are one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful and bountiful creations. They are the Earth’s incredible way of saying I love you, believed since ancient times to add abundance to our lives through energetic frequency and benefit our mind, body, and spirit. Formed over weeks to millenniums from various types of minerals and natural elements, crystals are mined from caves or beneath the ground all around the world and then perfected to become the colorful pieces of precious stone that we know and love.

How do I use them?

Generally, how you use crystals is completely up to you. However, there are many ways to go about this and improve one’s use of crystals to benefit themselves in everyday life and spell work. To use crystals efficiently and in different parts of your life, all you need is a positive mind, patience, and a quiet space.

In spell work, for instance, crystals can be used according to the guidelines of a written spell. A love spell might call for rose quartz charged by moonlight to be placed under your pillow at night. On the other hand, you may want to burn a yellow candle next to a citrine crystal during a creativity spell. With the right intention, crystals can be used as a way to enhance any kind of magic.

For everyday life, you can charge your crystals to send out the energy that you intend it to and put it somewhere on your body, such as your pocket, purse, or even your shoe. You may even choose to charge clear quartz with confidence or anything you desire on that specific day, as quartz crystal is known infamously as the most versatile of all crystals, and can be charged to do whatever you will.

Crystals may even help in manifesting certain dreams and desires. Meditate with moonstone to manifest passion and your divine feminine energies. Pyrite is also especially good for attracting financial abundance into one’s life. Finding a crystal that attributes to what you plan to manifest is key.

Do I need to cleanse them after every use?

Cleansing is quite possibly the most important part of crystal use. Every time you use a crystal, even if it is just holding it in your hand for five minutes, that crystal may absorb energies from yourself and the space you are in, and release the energy you instilled in it. If you try to use a crystal that has absorbed negative energies, you might experience effects that are reversed to your intention. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your crystals to ensure best results.

Luckily, it can be very simple to cleanse your crystals. One way of doing this is by waving your crystals over rising incense smoke. The smoke of white sage, especially, is helpful for cleansing and dispelling unwanted negative energies. Another way can be leaving them on your windowsill at night and letting them soak under the moonlight—this both cleanses and charges your crystal with powerful moon energy. Consider avoiding exposing them to sunlight as this can cause some crystals, such as amethyst and aventurine to fade in colour. Overall, the easiest way to cleanse your crystals involves using your own hands and energy. Simply hold the crystal in your hand and imagine a white light forming around it—this warm, positive light is what will cleanse the energy of the crystal.

Which crystals are right for me (as a beginner)?

As a crystal beginner, it is recommended that you take the time to see which individual crystals you are drawn to specifically. For instance, you might feel an energetic pull toward an agate crystal in a shop - this is a sign that this particular crystal would benefit you on a deeper and more personal level on your spiritual journey.

On the other hand, you may even choose to purchase a beginner’s crystal kit or build your own. Both are perfectly fine options, as long as you feel that specific set of crystals is calling out to you. Five crystals that are great for beginners due to their straight-forward healing benefits include:


Clear Quartz - To promote intuition, spiritual insight, and inner healing in oneself. Can be charged with any energy that the beholder wills.

Rose Quartz - To instill a sense of self-love and promote healing, loving vibes into one’s space. Perfect for when you are on a self-love journey.

Amethyst - To balance mood, alleviate stress and negative emotions, and activate spiritual awakening. Bring with you on daily trips to ensure your mood stays balanced and calm.

Black Onyx - To banish negative energies away from oneself and one’s space, or to prevent draining of personal energy. Great for Empaths who feel that they easily absorb other people’s energies.

Blue Tiger Eye - To promote calmness and serenity, or ease stress and anxiety. Carry with you when you know you are going to have a stressful day.


Of course, you are not limited to these specific crystals, and you are free to experiment with any of the hundreds of other crystals that our lovely Mother Earth has created. The crystal journey is truly a beautiful one for anyone who desires to enhance their spiritual path. Especially during these difficult times, crystal energy can be helpful to keep vibrations elevated and hopeful. That being said, I hope that you will find healing in a crystal that calls uniquely for you!

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