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Getting Started with Oracle Cards by Kelly

Getting Started with Oracle Cards by Kelly

Oracle cards are a wonderful way to help you tap in to your intuition, and obtain divine guidance in your best good.   Many psychics who do card readings have years of experience and knowledge, and can obtain very clear and direct messages through their practice. 



We all have divine knowing and intuitive feelings. If you have been considering trying Oracle cards or Tarot cards, it’s easy to get started. Adding oracle cards in to your life to help clarify information and get direction can be very calming and reassuring.



You may want to start by getting an oracle deck or tarot deck for yourself.   Don’t worry about what cards are the “best” cards, or matching the deck your friends have success with.  We are all drawn to different energies, and you are no different.   If you are already drawn to certain spiritual subjects (ie: Angels, Crystals etc), you may want to consider a deck that is built around your own natural strengths.  Why?  The whole point of doing a reading is to obtain guidance and to UNDERSTAND the messages.  So start with a strong foundation that feels right to you, and is aligned in your interests.  When you start to pull cards, you will automatically be connected to your skills within, and naturally lead you to connect with your own inner wisdom!



If you’re not seasoned, don’t worry!  Start small, and grow from there, but try to make a small routine around it.  Try pulling one card for yourself every day.  You may want to do this in the morning and ask for advice or guidance on how your day will go.  Or, you may ask “what do I need to know today”?  No time in the mornings?  No problem.  You can create a lovely bedtime routine where you find a quiet space, reflect on the day and ask: “are there any messages for me, in my highest good”, or “what did I need to learn today?”



Working with even one card and asking for daily guidance is a wonderful way to start, and to begin connecting to divine messages. If you truly allow yourself the space, time and freedom to use and practice your gifts and skills, you will soon find your messages becoming more clear, specific and detailed.  



Blessings and love,






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