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House Clearing Spell

House Clearing Spell



Spiritual cleansing blessed herbal oil
Happy Home Blessed Herbal Candle
Simmering Herbs - sage, rosemary, basil & peppermint
Cleaning bucket with water - 1cup vinegar and 3Tbs salt

In your simmering pot of water, sprinkle in 3Tbsp each of sage, basil, rosemary & peppermint.  Let the water simmer and fill the house with energy.

In your cleaning bucket add 13 drops of the Spiritual Cleansing oil.  Setting your intent to clear discordant energy, use your fingers to sprinkle the cleansing water all throughout your home, walking counter clock wise through each room and your entire house.  Throw the remaining water into the street and off of the property that you live on.

Light the Happy Home Candle in your kitchen and say the blessing.  Take the pot of water (careful it's hot!!) and pour it on the ground counter clockwise around your home (or building you live in).  If you run out of water, just continue to walk around the building.

Let the candle burn for at least 3 hours, never leaving it unattended.  Light the candle and say the blessing every day until it is gone.

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