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Aunti Jacki's Make Your Own Luck Spell

Aunti Jacki's Make Your Own Luck Spell

Chakra magic candle root chakra
Chakra magic healing heart spray
Your favorite piece of jewellery
2 Sheets of paper
Pencil or Black Marker
Green Marker, pencil or crayon
Metal bowl or cauldron
SPRITZ the Healing spray on you, the paper, the Success candle, your jewellery and the room around you while saying the charm:
"Doubt, anger, limits and fear I now clear.
Optimism, joy, blessings and luck are now here.
I will, I wish, I believe, empowered energy I now weave."
LIGHT the Success candle. On the 1st sheet of paper, draw a 4 leaf clover with the green marker and write the words: love, money, health and home at the top of each leaf.  On the 2nd sheet of paper, draw the same clover in pencil or pen and lay it over the first paper.  Write out all the ways you think you are unlucky in each category.  Spritz healing spray all over that paper and chant the charm again.  Light the paper that holds your bad luck and let it burn in your metal bowl or cauldron.
EMPOWER your luck by writing in each clover leaf, all the ways you are lucky now and will be in the future.  Place your jewellery in the center of the clover.  Say the charm 4 more times adding the declaration of good luck.  Visualize the energy you are raising traveling into your heart and down to your roots, anchoring your luck to you.  Place the paper under the candle holder and wear your jewellery.  Burn the candle every 4 hours, never leaving it unattended.  Repeat this charm every morning and relight the candle every day until consumed.  Place the clover in your journal and check after 3 months to confirm all the luck you have created in your life.
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