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5 Magical Books for Developing Psychic Ability by Ashley

5 Magical Books for Developing Psychic Ability by Ashley

Five Magical Books for Developing Psychic Ability

Have you always felt like you had a spiritual gift, or as if you were called to something greater than this earthly plane?

Perhaps you have had visions or dreams of something happening before it actually happens, or a gut feeling that something isn’t right. Maybe you have been visited by deceased loved ones more than once, or you simply feel deep within that if you became more in tune with your spirituality, you would be able to connect with the other side on levels that would grant you access to profound wisdom, guidance, and the ability to help others.

If these instances apply to you, then you may just have the basis for developing psychic ability.

To be clear, there is a difference between a psychic and a medium. According to a previous article by one of Earthworks’ psychic mediums, Kelly, a psychic is someone who communicates with higher beings including angels, spirit guides, and collective consciousness. A medium channels messages from departed loved ones and troubled souls to bring healing on earth and the other side. While it is possible for someone to be both, finding out which one you feel more drawn to is key to cultivate your very own sacred intuition.

Truthfully, all persons have this framework that allows them to connect deeper with the spiritual realm - it is only that some may be born with a more experienced soul or a divine calling to assist living and departed souls. This explains why psychic ability comes naturally for some and not for others.

Children, especially, are more susceptible to psychic abilities and usually outgrow them as they get older and become more adjusted to the earthly plane. It is important to note that we are all divine souls, born from celestial realms. Therefore, all it takes is for us to tap into our already-present abilities and be fully willing to surrender to the wonderful mysteries and blessings that spirit has to offer us. From this, we can expect to be susceptible to heightened spiritual and mental insight, as well as unexpected miracles.

If you are interested in developing your own psychic abilities, feel free to check out these books written specially for people like you - all of which are in stock in the Earthworks shop.


Psychic Development for Beginners by William W. Hewitt

In Psychic Development for Beginners, you will learn to recognize the truth of psychic ability and flow with it to unlock the secrets of the universe. Created for the individual that has no prior experience or knowledge of psychic powers, this book explains terms and skills in depth that help you to understand exactly what developing your psychic ability entails and what is possible with it. Hewitt takes you through forty-four exercises that are meant to increase your psychic intuition.

Your Psychic Self by Melissa Alvarez

Rich in information meant to guide you on your journey to uncovering the psychic within you, this book will help you to realize your intention and better understand yourself as an individual. Your Psychic Self also affirms many signs and feelings that point to you already having been psychic and just never realizing it, in order to get you comfortable and less doubtful of your abilities. Alvarez provides in-depth methods for you to connect with the energy of the universe and use it to benefit the mind, body, and spirit of yourself and others around you.

You Are Psychic by Sherrie Dillard

You Are Psychic explores four types of psychic ability that will allow you to learn which applies the most to you in your psychic journey. This book emphasizes the idea that everyone is spiritually intuitive and has the ability to move past what is holding them back from their spiritual clairvoyance by understanding themselves better on a soul level. As a professional psychic and medium of over 30 years, Dillard also provides techniques and exercises that are helpful to one starting out in this path.

Practical Guide to Psychic Powers by Denning and Phillips

A comprehensive guide to psychic powers including divination, telekinesis, and astral vision, famous experts Denning and Phillips help you bring these powers to life within yourself with simple, easy techniques. Through daily meditation and in-depth exploration of the conscious and unconscious mind, this book teaches you to become aware of energies and psychic happenings within and around you. For those who wish to find methods of developing psychic ability that are fun and entertaining, Denning and Phillips offer mind-enhancing exercises in the form of enjoyable games.

So, You Want to Be a Psychic Intuitive? by Alexandra Chauran

In this book, you will receive thorough guidance in developing your clairvoyance and psychic intuition. Not only does Chauran share her extensive knowledge on these subjects, she also delves deep into deeper matters such as telepathy, dream-sharing, and seeing auras which psychic ability enables you to do. In an easy-to-read step-by-step format, Chauran provides lessons and useful exercises to aid you in practicing and enhancing your newfound abilities.

To recap, these books are wonderful for both the psychic beginner or one looking to advance their intermediate abilities in meaningful ways. As everyone’s calling to this earth is different, you may find that your journey is different than someone else’s, but this is the beauty of understanding your individual soul path without comparison or doubt. With these guides, you may just be able to not only recognize your psychic ability but form a better connection to spirit and the soul within.


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