MEDITATION MONDAYS: with Dennis Wilson

meditation aurasTHE CHAKRA SYSTEM
Monday July 3rd
The chakra system has been around for thousands of years and is one of the oldest Hath yoga techniques.  This Meditation will teach you how to open your chakra points, how to let go of stale energy, and old issues, and to recharge your system for this coming spring.  This system is very easy to learn and can be used to guide you into the habit of daily meditation.


meditation yoga rajaTHE FLOATER CYCLE
Monday July 10th
This meditation has been taken from a Raja Yoga technique which is from an ancient house, developed by women in India.  This system will take you on a journey down a river, you will absorb different colours that are beneficial to you, and then you will meet your guide and talk to them.  You will have a chance to get to know your guide who will give you a gift at the end of the meeting.  When you return to you daily awareness you can discuss what you got.





meditation chakra and colorsTHE COLOUR SYSTEM
Monday July 17th
The colour system comes from the Janapoor Yoga philosophy.  In this meditation you will absorb colours that are beneficial to you and cleans your body to heal it. This is a spiritual meditation where, like in the floater cycle, you will get a chance to meet your guide and talk to them.  A unique feature of the Colour System is the orange bucket which most people find to be a wonderful bonus.



meditation native americanTHE SEED
Monday June 26th
Monday July 24th
The Seed is a Native Canadian meditation from the Chippewa Tribe.  This meditation put you in touch with the nature of you and all other co-existing things.  This experience raises you awareness of events and people in you daily life, your karma, and also gives you a more heightened spirituality and sense of grounding.





Saturday June 24th

This is a beginner to intermediate workshop designed to help you discover, identify, and tune in to the different ways of receiving psychic guidance.  This is a fully participative and hands-on workshop where you will be learning about your skills, and practicing them in a safe, protective and comfortable environment.
Focus is placed on the 4 dominant senses:  sight, feeling, sound & knowledge.  You will be introduced to each of these senses, and participate in exercises designed to help you identify your own psychic strengths.In this workshop you will learn:
* introduction to psychic messages and guidance you are already experiencing
* myths about being ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’
* guidelines and setting boundaries
* grounding and protection
* benefits of psychic journaling
* activities specifically designed to practice each sense
* opportunities to practice your skills with other like-minded individuals
this will be a fun and interactive workshop, full of learning opportunities and lots of practice.  Come with an open heart, and prepare to laugh, learn and have fun!


Saturday July 29th

Each aura photo is accompanied by a mini reading to explain the meaning of your aura picture.