Rainbow Energy healing $50+hst per half hour
Chakra balancing $50+hst per half hour
Angel Guidance & healing $95+hst per hour.

Tammy is a down to earth, psychic medium, angel intuitive, empath and light worker.  She is a gentle soul, soft spoken, warm, caring & compassionate.  She receives guidance and support from spirit in various forms including Archangels, Ascended Masters, and deceased loved ones.  Tammy relays what she sees, hears, feels and knows, giving you the opportunity for healing, inspiration and insight, helping you move forward in your life.  Specific information about your emotional, spiritual and material world may come through.  For over 10 years, Tammy has continued her journey of advancing her studies as a psychic medium, developing & building on the natural abilities she was born with.  Being trained as a traditional psychic medium in Canada, and studying for years as a spiritual initiate in many courses has fine-tuned her highly sensitive abilities.
RAINBOW ENERGY HEALING (REH):  REH is a method of using color, light, Archangel guidance and Christ consciousness.  REH helps clear blockages in the 12 major chakras, and the various layers of the energy bodies.  REH can result in healing for clients at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  REH reveals important guidance relating to the client’s life purpose and their ability to receive Divine Guidance.
ANGEL GUIDANCE & HEALING SESSION:  A major component of this session is an Angel Reading.  I sense your angels loving messages and covey the information received to you during the session.  Ultimately the Angel Guidance & Healing session is an opportunity for you to connect with your spiritual team of helpers, including your own guardian angels.   I may also be guided by the angels to offer various healing methods with the help of the angels, for you to overcome relationship conflict, personal health issues, work and career situations or family issues. I may be guided by your angels to offer some spiritual coaching during the session for you to work through certain issues.
CHAKRA BALANCING:  Chakras are centers of energy, located on the mid-line of the body.  There are 7 of them, and they govern our psychological properties.  Throughout your session she will focus on clearing blockages and restoring the proper flow and balance of your energy centers.  This includes the use of touch & non touch to open up and balance your chakras and heal blockages in your aura.  Tammy connects with God’s universal healing energy & unconditional love to help you to become whole again.

bio picture cindyCINDY CAMPBELL
Hypnosis  $120+hst for 1.5 hours
Past life Regression $120+hst for 1.5 hours
Guided Hypnosis meditation $45+hst per 1 hour
“Where desire meets reality”

Cindy is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and a member in good standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists specializing in Past Life Regression as well as Angel Communication.  Cindy has spent the last 10 years working and believing that the mind is a powerful tool and that a relaxed body and a relaxed mind leads to a positive gateway between the conscious and subconscious mind, allowing positive life changes to take place helping you be all you strive to be….naturally.  Before booking your session a detailed and personal intake is done with Cindy so that the session is unique to you.  This intake is free of charge.
Past life regression is a very soothing and organic technique using hypnosis to uncover memories from past lives we have lived which can influence fears & phobias, and other emotional issues we face in our current life today.  During a Past Life Regression it is very common to see, hear, or sense what is happening.  It may feel like a dream state, looking at a picture book or watching a movie.  It is a life changing experience for most people.  Past Life Regression is a very spiritual experience and you are in total control through out the session.  Listen to your souls voice and you will enjoy the lessons, wisdom and healing that is accomplished through this journey.
HYPNOTHERAPY With Cindy:  Hypnotherapy is a natural way to achieve your goals in life.  Hypnotherapy can help you align your focus with the solution and not your problem.  Hypnosis can bypass the conscious mind and gain access to the unconscious mind where we store information about our behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and root causes of many of your feelings and emotional behaviors lie.  If you are struggling with any issues such as weight control, stress, anxiety, bad habits or negative self-talk…..Hypnotherapy is a natural way to help you live your life best!
GUIDED HYPNOSIS MEDITATION WITH CINDY:  Guided Hypnosis Meditation is a guided journey for those individuals who may find it hard to focus or quiet the mind due to inner voice chatter.  With the hectic pace of life today many people feel stressed and over worked leaving us unhappy, tired and overwhelmed.  Guided Meditation help you quiet and unclutter your mind allowing you to feel rested and more focused transforming your mind to positive thoughts and a calm body.  When you connect to the peacefulness within you that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.



bio picture jan JAN
Sound Healing $50+hst per half hour

Your body in its natural healing intelligence is able to assimilate Ohm and all its beneficial properties on a vibrational level.  Disharmony can manifest in the body as stress, fatigue, tight muscles, inflammation, high blood pressure.  The Ohm stimulates the body’s healing process.  These things block our Qi or natural energy flow.  Ohm is an ancient and sacred tone, mantras have been used by different cultures in the world for it’s healing properties.